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Leather material identification knowledge
From: Astra special shoe Post date: 2018-01-09

The type of leather materials to identify the types of leather
The types of leather are different, and their characteristics and uses are different. For example, cattle leather is thin and high strength, and is the most suitable for making leather shoes. Sheepskin leather is light, thin and soft, and is the ideal fabric for leather garments.
Pig leather: round surface and coarse pores, inclined into the leather. The pores are arranged in three groups, and the leather faces a number of small triangular patterns.
Cattle leather: the yellow cattle leather and the buffalo leather are all called cow leather, but there are some differences between the two. Cattle leather surface pores were round, straight into the leather, compact and uniform pores, irregular arrangement, like The sky was covered with stars. Buffalo leather surface pores than cattle leather coarse pores, compared with the number of cattle leather rare, leathery is loose, as yellow leather plump and meticulous.
Ma leather: the surface of the leather is also oval, slightly larger than the pores of the yellow cattle leather, arranged in a more regular pattern.
Sheep leather grain leather: the surface pores of oblate, pores clear, several members of a group, arranged in fish scale
The type of leather
That touch the leather surface, such as a smooth, soft, plump and elastic feeling is dermis; and general synthetic leather surface astringent, rigid, soft and low.
The dermis leather has more clear fur and patterns. The yellow cattle skin has more symmetrical pores. The yak skin has coarse and sparse pores, and the goat skin has fish's scaly pores.
All leather has the odor of leather; and artificial leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.
A little fiber is torn off from the back of genuine leather and artificial leather. After burning, all the pungent odour is artificial leather, and the real leather is the one that sends out hair and doesn't knot hard.
Characteristics of synthetic leather
With the above four basic methods of identification, it is obvious to compare the identification of artificial leather and synthetic leather. In addition, artificial leather and synthetic leather have the following characteristics:
1, with the finger press leather surface, no obvious pore wrinkles, such as press after wrinkles, and will not obviously disappear.
2, leather without pores, which is an important feature of identifying the true and false leather.
3, cut the corner burning smell, but the hair burnt smell.
3, what is the difference between cattle leather, pig leather, horse leather and sheep leather


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